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Directed by – Bong Joon Ho
country – South Korea
average rating – 7,2 / 10
126 min
actors – Ed Harris
Bong Joon Ho & Park Chan Wook are the exec producers hmm interesting…
Spoiler: They are recruiting the next Bond.
Amazing analysis.
Really solid movie 8.5/10 and goddamn that first battle scene.
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The movie was perfect now back off.
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When I first saw this movie, I liked it. Then I saw the film theory of Snowpiercer being a sequel to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and all the parallels and my mind was blown X) I suggest watch it before you judge.

This is probably one of the best movies of all time. Also, it’s amazing how they got all of these people together to make this movie. Like, a Korean movie adaption from a French comic, with this diverse cast. damn.
Wilford vaguely resembles a Japanese shogun in his silk robe. Feudal Japan was the peak example of feudalism.
Okay, so I get this movie had some things to say about class and privilege and the lengths people will go to in extremis. However, in wanting to tell a story that makes points, you simply cannot ignore common sense and physics in order to produce your setting.
In Snowpiercer, the world has frozen due to scientists meddling with the climate in order to stop global warming. This I can buy, given the explanation at the very start of the movie.
What I can’t buy into, however, is the fact that all of what is left of humanity is crammed onto a single, gigantic train, that runs in a year-long loop around much of the world.
For one thing, the creator of the train has, apparently, invented a perpetual motion machine. Never mind the impossibility of this, let’s just think about it for a moment. A machine that runs forever and, presumably, produces more output than it requires to run it. So he puts it in a train? Give me the proverbial effing break! An engine such as that would easily power a small community which could then produce more such engines and so on. until there is plenty of power to keep the world running.
But, I guess a train allows for the video-game like linearity of the story’s progression, so to hell with common sense, right? There are plenty of plot holes to mention as well.
The disgust shown by Chris Evans’ character when he learns that the protein bars they’ve been eating for years are made of insects. I was expecting him to open the container and find dead bodies being churned into food, a la Soylent Green, but it was just bugs. You know. insects, those things that a considerable part of the world consider a part of their diet without issue. This unexplainable disgust is compounded later when Evans reveals his character actually used to eat people in the early days. What Chris? Eating people is less disgusting than bugs! Say it ain’t so! Another stupidity is the length of the train. We see a good number of train carriages during the hero’s journey, but there are far, far more when you see the ludicrous corner scene, where the train goes around a long bend just so that good guys and bad guys can shoot at each other across a huge gulf. But the bad guy was only about three carriages behind the good guy? Terrible continuity for the sake of a pointless action scene.
We also see chicken and other animal carcasses hanging from hooks in a cold car, but nowhere do our heroes ever come across the live animals that they must have somewhere in order to provide the meat.
It’s also supposed to be so cold outside that flesh freezes solid in a matter of minutes, yet at the end, all that is needed to offset this absolute zero effect is a fur coat. (Apparently they also have furry animals somewhere on the train too. In short, this movie is so full of holes. Some so big you could drive a train through.
As I said at the beginning, by all means use sci-fi to tell a story, but don’t make the setting so ridiculous that it invites scrutiny. And if you do, then be prepared for people to point the flaws out.
This film had a number of things to say, but the setting and plot holes detract heavily from it, leaving you frowning at the foolishness of it all.
SUMMARY: Setting invented by a small child. Plot has more holes than a sieve. Unrealistic fantasy marred by incompetent attention to detail. Try it at your peril.

What an amazing.
Saw this on Netflix and figured I would give it a try. Damn. this movie was really good! I was not expecting it to be so good, but it was.


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The reason they use fish blood is because your wounds would get infected easier with germy fish blood on them.
Can anyone help me figure out wtf Happens to the little kid who seems to avoid the train crash before hand. He gets into some kind of space craft, no one seems mention it.
This was really one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Loved it.
Lmao my man slipped on the fish.
江湖兒女 馮小剛.
Where did they get the steaks and chicken because I didn’t see a livestock car on their journey to the front.











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